UFC Fight Night: Werdum vs. Tybura

Fabricio Werdum over Marcin Tybura

This is a tough one because Tybura is no joke. he could very well dispatch of Werdum here early and move into the heavyweight contenders talk. But I’m going to go with Fabricio to bear down and beat this very tough challenger. I still think Fab has a lot of game left in him to make another title run. He’s a master on the ground, and his striking game keeps on improving, even to this day. I see him moving in on Tybura late in the fight, after possibly losing a round, to get him on the ground. If he does that, I definitely see a late submission from Werdum. In all likelihood, all Werdum has to do is not get knocked out because I think he beats Tybura in a decision scenario due to the display of striking I’m expecting from him.

Belal Muhammad over Tim Means

I was very impressed by Belal in his last fight against Jordan Mein, when I never even heard of him. I think he could potentially be the next big thing in the Welterweight division. He’s extremely disciplined and focused on getting to the title, and I think he can at least get in the conversation. Tim Means is a very methodic striker, but I see Belal putting the pressure on and forcing Tim up against the cage as he works for a takedown-to a submission. If not, he definitely out-strikes Tim and earns a decision.

Elias Theodorou over Dan Kelly

Theodorou was a let down against Brad Tavares a couple months back where he was extremely flat and ineffective, but I like him to make a comeback here and win a tough fight against the “Dad Bod” Dan Kelly at 40 years of age. I think Theodorou has a unique style that will allow him to move in and out of the pocket with his strikes and keep Kelly on the defense. He has to be careful because Kelly is a gamer and can beat almost anybody in there, but I think Elias puts on a good performance and earns a decision.

Will Brooks over Nik Lentz

This fight was supposed to happen some time ago and I believe I picked Lentz in that post. Thinking about it more and looking at this matchup, I’m going to go the other way here and pick Will Brooks. Yes, he’s 1-2 in the UFC, but this is still a guy with great striking, a great ground game, and he’s beaten Michael Chandler over in Bellator twice, which is extremely impressive. Lentz has been a consistent fighter in his UFC career, but he’s lost a couple fights to some up-and-coming guys of late. So I think I’m okay with picking Will Brooks here. I think he puts on a great performance and possibly finishes Lentz on the ground with strikes.




Week 11 Picks


No separate Thursday game pick post this week. I got them all here.

(7-2) Steelers over Titans (6-3)

I think the Titans can give the Steelers a scare here if they can jump out early like the Colts did last week. I think if a team like the Colts can play a top team like the Steelers down to the wire, a 6-3 Titans team certainly can the following week. But I just think the Steelers are on a run right now and it’s not going to end anytime soon. They have the passing game that can carve up a not-so-good Titans defensive secondary. And they have the running game and O line to hit the Tennessee front seven in the mouth and overpower them the whole game. If the Steelers can keep the Titans’ early drives unproductive, I like them to win this game soundly. If it becomes a dogfight in the trenches, we could see an upset. But I think the better team in the Steelers ultimately survives.

(3-6) Bears over Lions (5-4)

I’m going to go with the upset here. The Lions just allowed the Browns to play them close for three quarters at home. Chicago lost a very winnable game to an Aaron Rodgers-less Packers team, but I still like their running game to pound Detroit’s front seven. It’s going unnoticed, but Detroit’s defense really isn’t anything special, and they have been getting merked week after week, even by DeShone Kizer last game. I like the Lions, but if their offense goes sour, their defense can’t get it done. I see the Bears hitting these guys in the mouth early with the run game, tiring out Detroit’s defensive front, and then Mitch Trubisky hitting dump-off passes in the flats to the running backs for big gains. This will be a close game, but I think the Bears come through and get a tough divisional win.

(4-5) Ravens over Packers (5-4)

You know, I really don’t know what to expect in this game. I’m going to go with the Ravens because it just looks right to me. The Packers without Aaron Rodgers are just not the same team, even though they won in Chicago last week. But the Ravens are so inconsistent and frustrating, so it’s almost impossible to make a pick for this one. The Ravens have been following a path where they show up one week, and then wet the bed the next. They got mauled in Tennessee last week after winning 40-0 against Miami, so this would be a “good” week for them. I think they find a way to win this with the defense.

(6-3) Jaguars over Browns (0-9)

This game is screaming upset to me because the Jags going 7-3? Come on. No way. And you would think the Browns have to win one at some point. But I’m not going to go overboard here, so I’ll just stay with the better team. I see the Jags getting Leonard Fournette more involved than they did last week in their comeback win against the Chargers. Their secondary is tops in the league as far as the eye test is concerned and Cleveland’s quarterbacks are turnover machines. I think even if the Browns make this scary for the Jags, that Jacksonville secondary will find a way to turn their luck around with a pick or two. If Blake Bortles can just not turn the ball over himself, the Jaguars will be fine.

(4-5) Cardinals over Texans (3-6)

I’m so bummed about this Texans team now that Deshaun Watson is out. This was a playoff team, and now they’ll be lucky to win 3 more games. That being said, I see them putting up a good fight in this one at least. Arizona’s offense tends to be very slow and run-oriented, so if Houston can make some stops, and if Tom Savage can just get the ball to DeAndre Hopkins, we could be in business. But I don’t think it will happen. I see Adrian Peterson having a huge game because he’s gone up-and-down with his games, scoring big one game, and then nothing the next. If the trends are right, this would be a “good” game for him. So I expect at least 100 yards for AP. I think Houston plays these guys tough the whole way and not fall off the second half like they did last week against the Rams. But ultimately, I see the Cardinals inching ahead early in the fourth quarter with a couple field goals and moving to 5-5.

(7-2) Vikings over Rams (7-2)

Now this is going to be my favorite game of the week. It’s a complete tossup as far as I’m concerned. On one hand, the Vikings are absolutely cruising with Case Keenum, even though he looked a little like the backup he is last week. On the other hand, the Rams have the best offense in the league and are undefeated (5-0) on the road, and here we are in Minnesota. The Vikings are also a pretty good home team themselves, so something has to give. Since the Seattle game, the Rams haven’t really faced a top-level defense, which is why I’m going with the Vikes in this one. I think their defense can effectively shut down all of Goff’s options, much like Seattle did and grind out a win on the offensive side of the ball. He won’t make many, but I think Goff will throw the ball to the Vikings at a very inopportune time, and that will ultimately seal the game for Minnesota. This is going to be a fun one, but I think the Vikes knock off the hottest team in football.

(7-2) Saints over Redskins (4-5)

This is another fun one, and the Saints are not walking through Kirk Cousins’ Redskins. The Saints have been pounding teams left and right for weeks now, but this week, I see them getting a scare. Washington is one of the scrappiest teams in the league. Just when I thought they were done, they come back and beat the Seahawks in Seattle. They have an extremely underrated defense with Josh Norman and Ryan Kerrigan, and Kirk Cousins can light any defense up. Ultimately, I see this being a shootout, something Drew Brees has enjoyed in the past, but something he hasn’t had to do this year. I believe he only has 13 touchdown passes this year, so that means the Saints are winning these games by running the ball, which is something I think Washington’s front seven can neutralize, and playing defense, which could be in for an unpleasant afternoon if Cousins heats up. So I’m going to go with a shootout here and the Saints barely escaping, but moving to 8-2 after starting 0-2.

(4-5) Dolphins over Buccaneers (3-6)

I want to pick the Bucs because I’m still holding out hope on them, but I just don’t think after winning a field goal fest against the Jets last week, they’re going to overcome a slightly better Dolphins team. Miami was a first half ill-ly timed Jay Cutler interception away from giving the Panthers a game last Monday. I can see they still have some fight in them, so I think they grind this one out at home against a pretty disappointing Bucs team. Yes, Ryan Fitzpatrick brings a veteran presence and comfort to the team, but let’s not ignore the defense is not good at all. I thought it would be way better, but they get picked apart every week. I think Jay Cutler will be able to find his guys over the middle and pick up big yardage, and Miami’s defense will be able to turn the Bucs over a couple times. If the Jets can hold them to field goals for the whole game, I’m pretty sure the Dolphins can have similar results. I see Miami taking this after a tightly-contested three quarters.

(6-3) Chiefs over Giants (1-8)

I look at this game and I think this is one of the best teams going up against probably the worst team in the league. And yes, I’d say they’re worse than Cleveland. The only reason I’d put them ahead of Cleveland is because they’ve actually won a game. But that one win is what makes this game against the Chiefs so interesting. Back when the Giants got their first win against the Broncos in Denver, and this is when Denver was rolling, I said on this site there’s no way the Giants were going to win that game because all their receivers were out. But they actually won that game to my bewilderment. I’m not going to underestimate them in the slightest facing a similar situation. This is a team that just basically quit against the then winless 49ers. Now the whole organization is in flux and firings are coming. With all that coming down on them, I see them giving the Chiefs a pretty good game here. The effort will be there and nobody is going to quit on plays. But ultimately, I think the matchup problems Travis Kelce gives them in the secondary will be too much, and the Tyreek Hill threat down the field won’t help much either. And Kareem Hunt can run all day on these guys, plus go out to catch passes. But for some reason, I think the Giants are going to almost win this. Ultimately, I think the Chiefs pull it out, but wouldn’t it be something if Big Blue comes in and play like last year’s Giants team and beats these guys?

(3-6) Chargers over Bills (5-4)

The Bills just benched Tyrod Taylor, who’s been okay for them, but let’s face it, he’s quietly gotten them nowhere since he’s taken over the starter role. Is he the best option for them now? Yes. But is a change at the position the worst thing for a team that just lost 47-10 at home? Absolutely not, and I actually like the gutsiness of the call by Sean McDermott. Maybe Nathan Peterman can put some drives together and play better than Tyrod. Maybe he’s the diamond in the rough nobody saw coming. If that’s the case, Buffalo is going to win this game because their playing an absolutely fraudulent team that finds new ways to lose week in and week out. I’m going to bet on Peterman not being the second coming and go with the Chargers at home for this one. I’ve held onto this team way longer than I should have, and I’m not letting go yet. The AFC is so bad, the Chargers can still pull this together at 8-8 or 9-7. I think they play a typical Chargers game- they jump out to a lead, then Philip Rivers coughs the ball up inexplicably, then it comes down to the final minutes. But I say they come through with a rare win in this close game. Buffalo’s defense hasn’t played well at all the past few weeks after starting out red hot, so I can see the Chargers scoring pretty easily. I think we see a close Charger win in which they luck into a defensive stop or turnover.

(3-6) Broncos over Bengals (3-6)

The Broncos should pummel these guys, if they weren’t in such disarray. But unfortunately they are, so I see an extremely close contest. Cincinnati is going to have a lot of success. Denver’s defense is still great, but the confidence has to be shaken because of all the losing they’ve been going through. It looks to me like some of those guys are packing it in. But somehow, someway, I think the Broncos find a way to win this game, most likely due to the defense. If they can hang around and turn Andy Dalton over at the right time, their going to move to 4-6. If they allow Dalton to go to AJ Green with no repercussions, it’ll be time to clean house in Denver (on the offensive side of the ball).

(7-2) Patriots over Raiders (4-6)

This could be a fun one, but ultimately, I think Tom Brady absolutely shreds the worst defense in pro football as far as I’m concerned. Derek Carr and company can keep pace, but once New England’s defense makes a stop or forces a turnover, it’s over because Oakland isn’t stopping anybody on defense. The Patriots are rolling right now, and a defense-less Raiders team can only tread for so long on offense until the defense gets walloped. I see the Patriots taking care of their business and winning this game smoothly.

(8-1) Eagles over Cowboys (5-4)

I’ve been looking at this game for weeks now, and I was with the Cowboys to get the upset. But after what I saw last Sunday from them, without Zeke, without Sean Lee, and without Tyron Smith, they’re going to have a rough night here. I believe all three of those guys will be out for this game. Maybe Tyron Smith can play, but even if he doesn’t, I don’t buy too much into the O-line troubles they had against the Falcons. To me, that was just a freak occurrence. Chaz Green is not that bad, and I’m sure they’ll make the adjustments necessary to get Dak more protection. I just think defensively, with Sean Lee out, they won’t have that ball-hawking leader to call out the plays and take control. I think Philly will be able to score all over them. Dallas’ pass rush is not going to give it to Carson Wentz with the O-line he has. I see them running all over Dallas to neutralize that pass rush. And the Cowboys won’t have that Zeke run game to set up their passes and use the clock. It doesn’t look good for the Cowboys, but you never know.

(6-3) Seahawks over Falcons (5-4)

I don’t think we should buy too much into the Falcons’ win last week against Dallas because of all the injuries that team had and how “off” they were without their best players. Yes, it was a big win blowout, but the Falcons didn’t turn a page on their season in the slightest. They still can’t hold onto leads, and Matt Ryan is still turning the ball over. And now Devonta Freeman is probably down for this game, so the running situation is down a stud. Seattle is also a little fresher after playing last Thursday, so those extra days of rest will play huge for them. The only chance I give the Falcons here is the fact that they got hosed in Seattle last year, and maybe they’ll come out with revenge on their minds (even though they really got them back in the playoffs, but you get the point) and play their best game of the year. It’s not crazy with Richard Sherman out and Earl Thomas still iffy. Matt Ryan could very well come out and torch this Seahawks team and find Julio and Mo Sanu and beat these guys down. I just wouldn’t bet on this year’s Falcons team making that happen.



My Rankings After Week 10


1. Philadelphia Eagles (8-1)

  • Projected Record Right Now: 13-3

2. New England Patriots (7-2)

  • Projected Record Right Now: 12-4

3. Pittsburgh Steelers (7-2)

  • Projected Record Right Now: 14-2

4. New Orleans Saints (7-2)

  • Projected Record Right Now: 12-4

5. Los Angeles Rams (7-2)

  • Projected Record Right Now: 12-4

6. Kansas City Chiefs (6-3)

  • Projected Record Right Now: 11-5

7. Minnesota Vikings (7-2)

  • Projected Record Right Now: 11-5

8. Seattle Seahawks (6-3)

  • Projected Record Right Now: 12-4

9. Carolina Panthers (7-3)

  • Projected Record Right Now: 10-6

10. Jacksonville Jaguars (6-3)

  • Projected Record Right Now: 9-7

11. Dallas Cowboys (5-4)

  • Projected Record Right Now: 8-8

12. Tennessee Titans (6-3)

  • Projected Record Right Now: 10-6

13. Detroit Lions (5-4)

  • Projected Record Right Now: 9-7

14. Washington Redskins (4-5)

  • Projected Record Right Now: 8-8

15. Atlanta Falcons (5-4)

  • Projected Record Right Now: 8-8

16. Miami Dolphins (4-5)

  • Projected Record Right Now: 5-11

17. Buffalo Bills (5-4)

  • Projected Record Right Now: 8-8

18. Oakland Raiders (4-5)

  • Projected Record Right Now: 6-10

19. New York Jets (4-6)

  • Projected Record Right Now: 5-11

20. Green Bay Packers (5-4)

  • Projected Record Right Now: 8-8

21. Arizona Cardinals (4-5)

  • Projected Record Right Now: 9-7

22. Chicago Bears (3-6)

  • Projected Record Right Now: 6-10

23. Baltimore Ravens (4-5)

  • Projected Record Right Now: 8-8

24. Los Angeles Chargers (3-6)

  • Projected Record Right Now: 8-8

25. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-6)

  • Projected Record Right Now: 7-9

26. Denver Broncos (3-6)

  • Projected Record Right Now: 7-9

27. Cincinnati Bengals (3-6)

  • Projected Record Right Now: 6-10

28. Indianapolis Colts (3-7)

  • Projected Record Right Now: 4-12

29. Houston Texans (3-6)

  • Projected Record Right Now: 5-11

30. San Francisco 49ers (1-9)

  • Projected Record Right Now: 2-14

31. New York Giants (1-8)

  • Projected Record Right Now: 2-14

32. Cleveland Browns (0-9)

  • Projected Record Right Now: 1-15

Week 10 Picks


(5-3) Bills over Saints (6-2)

This one is a tossup for me, but I’m going to go with the home team with the slightly better defense to take this one. The Bills are also coming off that Thursday night loss to the Jets last week, so they’ll be pumped up to not lose two -in-a-row. They’re also going to be able to try out their new wide receiver, Kelvin Benjamin, and incorporate him into the game plan. This will give Tyrod a nice, big target to throw to down the field. I think Buffalo’s defense comes through for them this week and shuts down Drew Brees and company. I think the Bills will have to win this one late with a game-clinching drive that sets up a Steven Hauschka field goal. Both teams move to 6-3.

(3-5) Bears over Packers (4-4)

The Packers are just a completely different team without Aaron Rodgers. Hundley did fine against the Lions on Monday night, but they are now facing a Bears team that has been in a bit of a hot streak, as well as just having the week off so they’ll be rested. Green Bay is also off a short week. I like the Bears to run the ball like crazy on these guys and get Jordan Howard a couple of touchdowns, maybe even Tarik Cohen getting one as well. This is a division game, so I expect Green Bay to give this one everything they have, but all the signs are pointing to Chicago in this one.

(4-4) Lions over Browns (0-8)

Detroit shouldn’t lose this game. Unless they wet the bed and allow DeShone Kizer and company to hang around and possibly steal this late, the Lions are going to have a smooth win here. I see everything coming together for them with Marvin Jones and Golden Tate having big days. Ameer Abdullah should also have a big game. I give Cleveland a good chance in this game because Detroit’s defense isn’t entirely strong. This could allow the Browns to keep this game close by being able to score at will. But I think the better team ultimately gets this one. Cleveland stays winless.

(6-2) Steelers over Colts (3-6)

The Steelers have to be careful here. They can tend to be complacent on the road and not show up for these types of games. Indy is also a team that could hang with them and steal this if Pittsburgh isn’t careful. As bad as the Colts are, they’re really not if you think about it. Jacoby Brissett can get the ball down the field and T.Y. Hilton is a huge deep threat up against this Steelers secondary. And the Colts are on a high after gutting out a win in Houston, so they’re confidence is up. I think Pittsburgh needs to stick to their guns and run the ball with Le’Veon and not get too crazy with the passing. If Ben starts throwing interceptions and keeps Indy in this, it’s bad news for the Steelers. I think Pittsburgh does what they’re supposed to do and move to 7-2.

(3-5) Chargers over Jaguars (5-3)

I think the Chargers are about to pop. They’re just coming off a bye and before that, they gave the Patriots a good scare. They’re in every game, so I don’t think this will be a Jaguars jumping out to a huge lead-type of game. LA is going to run the ball with Melvin Gordon to neutralize that Jacksonville pass rush for most of the game. If they can get a couple scores off long drives and allow their own pass rush to rest and go after Blake Bortles wit a full tank, this is going to be a great day for the Chargers. I think their front line can terrorize Bortles and the line of scrimmage with that pressure they get. I say Bortles turns it over a couple times and the Chargers capitalize on the points. I’ll be very surprised if the Jags move to 6-3.

(2-6) Buccaneers over Jets (4-5)

I actually think Tampa will be better with Ryan Fitzpatrick in there. I’ve been so wrong about the Bucs this far into the season. I thought Jameis would be lighting it up and taking another step forward in his career. He’s just been too erratic and indecisive. I think a vet like Fitzpatrick will now be able to step up into that huddle with calmness and composure and lead his team down the field against his former employers in the Jets. Those young Jet safeties are not going to be easy to beat, but I think Tampa will be able to run the ball effectively and play good defense with a new outlook on life, with their veteran quarterback in there to clean things up. I like the Bucs to win this by a couple touchdowns by pulling away late.

(3-5) Bengals over Titans (5-3)

I’m going to go with a little upset here. I think Cincy really needs a win and Tennessee’s defense is just the team for Andy Dalton to go against right now. There’s no AJ Green suspension for his fight with Jalen Ramsey last week, so I expect him to be ready to go and have an explosive game in this one. I think Tennessee’s offense can be very stuck-in-the-mud, very similar to Seattle’s. They’ve had a hard time scoring points from time to time. I think Cincy’s defense will be good enough to stunt them once again.  I think the Bengals win a close one by making a defensive stand to seal it.

(4-4) Redskins over Vikings (6-2)

I was very impressed and surprised with the Redskins win in Seattle last week. I think they ride that momentum into this week and win a home game against another good team in the Vikings, who are banging on all cylinders. They just got their guy, Teddy Bridgewater, off IR, and he could be seeing some time in this one. Case Keenum has played great for them this year, so they have a couple options to go to right now. I just think Washington is going to catch these guys in a hard-fought game in the trenches. The run games and the battle between the two O and D lines will be really fun to watch. Whoever can stay fresher, longer will grind this one out, and I think that will be Washington in their home park.

(6-2) Rams over Texans (3-5)

I don’t want to count the Texans out because this just looks too easy for the Rams, but I think the Rams are going to have another great offensive day, even though they’re arguably better on the road. They just completely destroyed the Giants, as you’re supposed to do when you’re playing a bad team, so they’re definitely riding high. I just hope they’re not looking passed this game because Houston’s defense can still do some things. I think Houston can hang around and force some punts, and maybe score a few times, but then the Rams should come on and light up the scoreboard. I think LA will be fine and win big.

(4-4) Falcons over Cowboys (5-3)

With no Zeke, I think this Cowboys offense just lost a huge piece to their success. It’s going to come down to Dak versus this falcons defense, which isn’t that bad of a thing. But if McFadden and Alfred Morris can’t muster up a run game, then you know Dak will be throwing the ball, and that could be advantage Atlanta if they can adjust. I also see Atlanta implementing the run game more with Freeman and Coleman, something they’ve gotten away from during this skid they’ve had. I think the Falcons come together and beat a really good team and put themselves back on the map at 5-4.

(1-7) Giants over 49ers (0-9)

I think the Giants should run through these guys, but you never know with the state of these guys and how their season has gone thus far. I’d feel more inclined to pick San Fran if Jimmy G was starting, but with CJ Beathard in there, I see the Giants having themselves a rare, successful afternoon. I see Eli going off and hitting Evan Engram and Sterling Shepard a bunch. And that Giant defense should be able to gather themselves and have some success against a bad team. I say the Giants win comfortably.

(6-2) Patriots over Broncos (3-5)

This is an interesting one because Tom Brady is notorious for struggling in Denver, and this Broncos team is in a complete flux, so this almost seems like a prime opportunity for them to steal a game and get back on track. I’m going to go against my gut on this and go with the better, more consistent Patriots. Chris Hogan will be out, but Brady will still have ample targets to throw to. Their defense won’t get too much flack going up against Brock Osweiler. He shouldn’t torch the secondary, so it could be a smoother day for New England’s defense. I think the Pats win this game on the back of Tom Brady throwing a bunch of touchdowns. They just need to protect Brady against that Denver pass rush that has always given him problems. They’ll also have to lock in on CJ Anderson and not let him beat them because he’s bee a thorn in their side as well in the past. New England overcomes their long-time foes and move to 7-2.

(6-3) Panthers over Dolphins (4-4)

This one could go wither way because Cam is so inconsistent this year. One day he’s on, the next he’s getting shut out. This is a home game, where Carolina has been arguably worse than on the road, so that could be an advantage for Miami as well. But I’m going to go with the Panthers on this one because I think their defense will play great against Jay Cutler. I can definitely see those Carolina linebackers laying back and picking Cutler underneath in the red zone. They’ll just have to be cognizant of Jarvis Landry in the slot. If they can just put Luke Kuechly on him the whole game and not allow him to move around the middle of the field, that will take a huge target away from Jay Cutler. I think Carolina will be able to do that and grind out this win.

UFC Fight Night: Poirier vs. Pettis

Anthony Pettis over Dustin Poirier

I think the unorthodox technique Pettis strikes with is going to give Poirier a lot of trouble. We’ve already seen an unorthodox guy like Conor McGregor have his way with Dustin when they fought. I see Pettis going down that same path and giving Dustin all kinds of trouble with his movements and his setups to high kicks. Pettis can also beat him on the ground too. I think he’ll finish this fight sometime around the third round.

Diego Sanchez over Matt Brown

This should be a slugfest. I think Diego will last a little longer, cardio-wise, enough to help him win that late round and clinch a decision. Diego just needs to be wary of the high kick because he tends to open himself up a lot when he brawls and deviates from the game plan. I’ll say Sanchez by unanimous.

Junior Albini over Andrei Arlovski

Junior is very well-rounded, winning a bunch of fights by submission and knockout. He can win in multiple ways. Arlovski is getting old and has been knocked out a bunch. Junior is also the younger fighter who’s climbing the heavyweight ranks. I like the upset here with a potential finish.

Nate Marquardt over Cezar Ferreira

I think this fight goes to decision with Nate squeaking out a split-decision. I think he can get Ferreira down in the end and grind out some riding time on top to win him the round. He can get beat up a bit on the feet, but as long as he gets Ferreira on the ground and controls him with the wrestling, I like Nate.

Raphael Assuncao over Matthew Lopez

Lopez is a tough one here, but I’ll go with the more accomplished Assuncao in this one. I think he sets the pace early and gets Lopez on his heels. I think Assuncao turns away this up-and-coming guy with a submission late in the second.

Clay Guida over Joe Lauzon

This has all the makings of Fight of the Night. Both guys can bang on the feet and roll on the ground. I see this being an up-and-down fight where both guys have their moments. Ultimately I see Clay squeaking by with a split-decision, but it’ll be extremely close.

John Dodson over Marlon Moraes

I think Dodson wins this by unanimous decision. Moraes is very tough, but Dodson is so fast and unorthodox, not to mention explosive with the hands. I think he catches Moraes a bunch with big shots and dominates the fight.

Viviane Pereira over Tatiana Suarez

Suarez is the clear favorite. Her wrestling is top-notch. She can definitely control this fight if it goes to the ground, but I’m going to go with Pereira in this one. She’s undefeated with a bunch of finishes. Plus, Suarez has had  along layoff since winning the Ultimate Fighter a couple years ago. This will be her first fight since the show. I think that ring-rust plays a factor and Pereira finishes.

Sage Northcutt over Michel Quinones

I like Sage to come out and finish this early. Quinones is a tough opponent, but Sage has been up-and-down since storming out the gate in his young career. I think he comes out and has an extremely impressive performance, winning by submission early, or even a second round knockout.

Angela Hill over Nina Ansaroff

Nina Ansaroff has lost a bunch in her career. Angela Hill is starting to get her bearings in the UFC, so I’ll go with her. I’ll say she gets a unanimous decision, controlling the fight in all facets.


Week 10 Thursday Game Pick


(5-3) Seahawks over Cardinals (4-4)

The Cardinals usually play Seattle very tough, so I’m expecting a close ball game in this one, especially with Seattle’s inconsistent offense. Both of these defenses play very well against each other, so we could be looking at a potentially low scoring game decided on field goals. This exact matchup ended in a crazy tie last year with botched field goals from both teams’ kickers in the waning moments. I think Seattle gets away barely from this game and moves to 6-3 by scoring late field goals set up by a Russell Wilson drive where he creates plays with the feet and picks up his yardage.


My Rankings After Week 9


1. Philadelphia Eagles (8-1)

  • Projected Record Right Now: (13-3)

2. Pittsburgh Steelers (6-2)

  • Projected Record Right Now: (14-2)

3. New England Patriots (6-2)

  • Projected Record Right Now: (12-4)

4. Los Angeles Rams (6-2)

  • Projected Record Right Now: (12-4)

5. Dallas Cowboys (5-3)

  • Projected Record Right Now: (10-6)

6. New Orleans Saints (6-2)

  • Projected Record Right Now: (10-6)

7. Kansas City Chiefs (6-3)

  • Projected Record Right Now: (11-5)

8. Minnesota Vikings (6-2)

  • Projected Record Right Now: (10-6)

9. Seattle Seahawks (5-3)

  • Projected Record Right Now: (11-5)

10. Carolina Panthers (6-3)

  • Projected Record Right Now: (11-5)

11. Jacksonville Jaguars (5-3)

  • Projected Record Right Now: (8-8)

12. Washington Redskins (4-4)

  • Projected Record Right Now: (9-7)

13. Los Angeles Chargers (3-5)

  • Projected Record Right Now: (9-7)

14. Detroit Lions (4-4)

  • Projected Record Right Now: (9-7)

15. Tennessee Titans (5-3)

  • Projected Record Right Now: (9-7)

16. Buffalo Bills (5-3)

  • Projected Record Right Now: (8-8)

17. Chicago Bears (3-5)

  • Projected Record Right Now: (8-8)

18. Oakland Raiders (4-5)

  • Projected Record Right Now: (6-10)

19. Arizona Cardinals (4-4)

  • Projected Record Right Now: (8-8)

20. Baltimore Ravens (4-5)

  • Projected Record Right Now: (8-8)

21. Miami Dolphins (4-4)

  • Projected Record Right Now: (7-9)

22. Denver Broncos (3-5)

  • Projected Record Right Now: (7-9)

23. Houston Texans (3-5)

  • Projected Record Right Now: (5-11)

24. Atlanta Falcons (4-4)

  • Projected Record Right Now: (8-8)

25. Cincinnati Bengals (3-5)

  • Projected Record Right Now: (8-8)

26. New York Jets (4-5)

  • Projected Record Right Now: (4-12)

27. Green Bay Packers (4-4)

  • Projected Record Right Now: (6-10)

28. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-6)

  • Projected Record Right Now: (6-10)

29. Indianapolis Colts (3-6)

  • Projected Record Right Now: (3-13)

30. New York Giants (1-7)

  • Projected Record Right Now: (4-12)

31. San Francisco 49ers (0-9)

  • Projected Record Right Now: (2-14)

32. Cleveland Browns (0-8)

  • Projected Record Right Now: (0-16)